About Freedom's Safe Place

The World Is About To Change

​​      This is a lead, follow or get the Hell out of our way moment.  There is nothing as frustating as seeing the world head down into darkness, ignoring what seems obvious to you. 
         For a very long time we have tried to give people who were being poisoned by oil companies the facts.  We were always there first with the information.  We were always accurate.  When anyone notices some confiscatory organization grabbed the information and used it to raise money without doing anything we told them was needed.  
          Watching children separated from their families, knowing they are likely be caught in a morass of conflicts before, shattered, they are released perhaps to face even more time without housing or even finding each other, keeps us awake at night.  Not that we were sleeping very well already.
           Starting several months ago we put together a plan to end homelessness.  It will work because it goes to the foundational reason we are now overhelmed with families which have lost their homes.