This Happened Before and Can Again

      It may surprise you to learn about 300,000 of our own ancestors took sail to America before the Revolution were forced by similar circumstances to risk their lives in the new and unknown country we know today as America.  
        They were called Redemptioners, receiving funds for their journey, to buy tools to make a living, and a grubstake to tide them over until they could become self-supporting in the wilderness. Unlike Indentured Servants they could find a job or create one for themselves.  They made up one-quarter of the 1.6 Million people who came to America before 1776. Indentured servitude accounted for another quarter of the people who crossed the ocean to the New World.  

​             If funds had not be loaned they would not have become Americans. 
             The time required to repay the loan was generally seven years but by the time of the Revolution the time had dropped to three years.   
             Redemptor loans were made for the most part of immigrants going to New England and this accounted for the end of Indentured Servitude and Slavery in the New England states. 
                 Loaning funds to be repaid over time as a percentage of income earned (%AYE) worked in Colonial America and can work today to help Asylum Seekers and the Homeless in America rebuild their lives.  Funds repaid can, at the option of the loaner, recycled to provide funds to more people in America and around the world facing similar problems.  This is the form Microloans should also take.  
                     %AYE loans are insured to protect both borrower and lender, we call this Finansurance, and also take into account the fact hard and uncertain times create erratic incomes for people at all income levels.